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These forward looking statements relate to the potential charge Hemet Federal may incur as a result of the check kite.
The prosecutor stated that the government's evidence as to this count would show that Frank Scarpaci knowingly permitted one of the escrow accounts of AC&S to be used in furtherance of a check kite designed to raise money for AC&S.
In 1994, net income was affected by the 20 cents per share charge Firstar took in the second quarter to cover a loss from a check kite.
This section's primary purpose was to allow for federal prosecution of check kites, although it also criminalized a variety of schemes directed at federally insured financial institutions.
Funding engaged in two separate check kites relating to various checking accounts it maintained in area banks.
The indictment further alleges that the defendants paid bribes to obtain approval of loans, that they engaged in check kites and that they prepared and submitted to the lenders false financial statements relating to U.