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CHECK BOOK, commerce. One kept by persons who have accounts in bank, in which are printed blank forms of cheeks, or orders upon the bank to pay money.

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For the financial marketplace and others, check book printing is a critical variable data application.
The ATMs that have been replaced by new ones varied to include the normal and Shamel where the latter enjoys advanced features that facilitate banking operations; such as ordering check book, depositing, opening investment deposits, withdrawing, balance inquiry, and account statement.
Chelsea may have already added to their Champions League winning squad with the [pounds sterling]32 million purchase of Eden Hazard to go along with the signing of Marko Marin, but there is no sign of Roman Abramovich putting his check book away any time soon.
Well, based on Austin's debut, it's probably time to open up the check book.
Shapiro interviews each candidate himself, reviews check book statements to determine spending habits and requires the candidate to sign an affidavit stating that Help America Hear is a last resort.
However, customers will see the new name of the bank while receiving the new check book.
com and allow users to enter check book information for an unlimited number of bank accounts with ultimate privacy and without any need to disclose sensitive financial and personal information to third parties - a popular and risky data gathering practice applied by electronic fund transfer providers that exposes consumers to becoming ID theft victims.
Waterfield Bank customers will realize a more streamlined system through the Metavante partnership by receiving one statement, one check book and one debit card, yet still be able to access multiple FDIC-insured institutions through the groundbreaking service.
In his message on the eve of this World Book & Copyright Day being celebrated across the globe on April 22, to celebrate paying tribute to writers, authors and contributors, he said that all possible efforts would be made to check book piracy, since it was not only in the interest of authors but also in the interest of Pakistan.
He has been recognized with local and regional awards including numerous "TOP DOC" nominations in South Jersey Magazine and has been listed as one of "America's Top Surgeons" by the Consumer's Research Council of America and The Center for the Study of Services-Consumers Check Book.
Rising's bilingual web portal makes MSA administration as easy as using a check book.
More than one in three Americans has either misplaced, had stolen or forgotten their wallet, credit card, check book or ID at least occasionally, reports Kelton Research.