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Arora said chewing tobacco had been linked to cancer and millions of Indians chewed pan masala every day.
Although in most of the cases it causes tongue cancer, chewing tobacco is also linked to cheek cancer and in some cases even to gum cancer.
The inspection department at Al Ain Municipality recently confiscated and destroyed large quantities of chewing tobacco, a product that is illegal to be traded and sold in the UAE.
Target: Four chewing tobacco brands and a twist tobacco brand
Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn died in June 2014 at 54 after fighting salivary gland cancer, which he attributed to his longtime use of chewing tobacco.
Santosh said the chance that a non-tobacco user gets mouth cancer is 50 times lower and at the beginning, chewing tobacco determines the appearance of some injuries in the mouth.
Many retailers also sold pure chewing tobacco and pan masala separately.
Manama: Nearly 450 kilos of chewing tobacco worth thousands of dinars have been seized during a major crackdown on banned products.
No matter how long you have been smoking or chewing tobacco, your health will start to improve when you quit.
On Monday, the Gardner Board of Health voted new cigar regulations designed to ensure cheap cigars are not sold individually, but Health Agent Bernard Sullivan said the board may be limited in how it addresses the health problems caused by snuff, chewing tobacco and other smokeless products.
They discovered rolling tobacco hidden behind a false wall, banned chewing tobacco and hundreds of illegal cigarettes were buried at the bottom of innocent looking food boxes, and even under meat stored in a butcher's counter.
Banned chewing tobacco imported from Bangladesh and hundreds of illegal cigarettes were also found buried at the bottom of innocent looking food boxes and under meat stored in a butcher's counter.