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CHRISTIANITY. The religion established by Jesus Christ.
     2. Christianity has been judicially declared to be a part of the common law of Pennsylvania; 11 Serg. & Rawle, 394; 5 Binn. R.555; of New York, 8 Johns. R. 291; of Connecticut, 2 Swift's System, 321; of Massachusetts, Dane's Ab. vol. 7, c. 219, a. 2, 19. To write or speak contemptuously and maliciously against it, is an indictable offence. Vide Cooper on the Law of Libel, 59 and 114, et seq.; and generally, 1 Russ. on Cr. 217; 1 Hawk, c. 5; 1 Vent. 293; 3 Keb. 607; 1 Barn. & Cress. 26. S. C. 8 Eng. Com. Law R. 14; Barnard. 162; Fitzgib. 66; Roscoe, Cr. Ev. 524; 2 Str. 834; 3 Barn. & Ald. 161; S. C. 5 Eng. Com. Law R. 249 Jeff. Rep. Appx. See 1 Cro. Jac. 421 Vent. 293; 3 Keb. 607; Cooke on Def. 74; 2 How. S. C. 11 ep. 127, 197 to 201.

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Therefore, based on Gaultier's portrayal, Pessoa sees evidence in Nietzsche's own biography of the close relation between Dionysian and Christian ideal: 'A crueldade contra si-proprio, que Nietzsche prega tem, ate, um sabor christan que nao engana.
Formula One drivers David Coulthard, Christan Klien, Vitantonio Liuzzi and Robert Doornbos will be at the event and visitors can challenge them on the Karting Oxford indoor track.
Although parted, the two friends both advanced in business and Ismay became acquainted with Gustav Christan Schwabe, a Liverpool financier and uncle of Gustav Wilhelm Wolff, partner of Edward Harland in the Belfast shipbuilding company.
Two goal Christan Crisp led Coleshill Town to a 4-2 win at West Midlands Police.
Andrew Pendleton, who advises the charity Christan Aid on Ethiopia, points out that the country's ability to cope with drought is severely handicapped by having to service its foreign debt.
Hans Christan Anderson is another writer whose talents could well be put to good use recording the Advocaat Affair.
Bourjois has joined forces with beauty expert Christan Burran, an ultra-creative makeup artist who loves to use bold color.
Relying on the confidence we have built and continue to build in the Honda brand, this campaign challenges consumers to think beyond just the cost of buying a vehicle and instead to think about what is a better, and more cost-efficient, vehicle to own in the long run," said Christan Miller, manager, Honda Regional Marketing, American Honda Motor Co.
His ultimate goal is to see his best friend Christan Zaccagnino, who was paralyzed from her neck down from a childhood diving accident, walk again.
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Christan Horton and Matt Langadas each chipped in 14 points for Nichols, which hit 23 of 39 3-point attempts.
Christan Bale plays serial killer Patrick Bateman in the controversial film American Psycho

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