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Is there a Christian asceticism that addresses the spiritual
However, perceiving the danger of Neoplatonic asceticism, Merton concluded that traditional Christian asceticism had often promoted inner dividedness by advocating as its proximate end the liberation of the soul from imprisonment in the body.
Third, the severe Christian asceticism of the early church, as recounted in Palladius's History, was not pathological.
Thompson, Loeb series, Harvard 1949-1953) wrote hymns for daily church use, to celebrate the martyrs, and allegorical visions of Christian asceticism seen as spiritual warfare; cf.
The Fathers feel full license to describe Jewish "outwardness" not merely in terms of literalism over against the Christian allegorical interpretation of Scripture, but as though the Jews were actually addicted to the vices of the flesh, in contrast to Christian Asceticism.
270/75), and his grandparents had survived the persecution of Maximinus by hiding for seven years (306-13) in the mountains--his family was by no means unaffected by the expansion of Christian asceticism throughout the Roman empire during this time.
Among the preponderance of studies on late ancient Christian asceticism, anti-ascetic tendencies have received relatively little attention.

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