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the genealogical linking of late ancient Christian asceticism and early Muslim military raiding, in chap.
But he also came to reject the "puritanical" elements sometimes attributed to traditional Christian asceticism and strove to establish the ways in which asceticism must "relate to the concrete circumstances and needs of a person's life.
With the success of Christian asceticism, sexually active marriage was considered a second tier of asceticism.
Although historians have long been conscious of the tension between elite classical culture and Christian asceticism postulated in Jerome's own writings, Williams brings a sharp eye to bear on his claims and seeks to move beyond them to reflect on the reality--insofar as it is possible to establish this--of his life and achievements.
reformation of some ancient or newborn Christian asceticism.
According to the Life, the holy woman rejected "a great swarm of suitors," preferring a life of Christian asceticism.
The problem is that consumerism is already a spiritual discipline of detachment, though one with a very different way of operating than classical Christian asceticism.

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