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If the debate about the nature of Christian love among American theologians has principally been guided by Anders Nygren's Agape and Eros (1930-1936, E.
Christian love is universal in its desire for the good of all, but partial in its implementation.
He opposes the universalism of Christian love to the families' political factionalism so that common brotherhood will come to dominate over political distinctions.
It was our way of opening up our doors to our neighbours and demonstrating Christian love to them, which is absolutely what we want to do.
We fear that this approach is not motivated by Christian love for anyone, but quite the opposite.
There follow essays on Christian love as friendship with God, on prayer as the expression of the desire of the Christian, and on Aquinas's interpretation of the biblical phrase of being conformed to Christ.
Perhaps, judging by his epistle, your contributor is happy with society as it is at present and has no need or room for Christian love, which is the antidote to a society struggling to overcome a drug and drink-sodden culture.
But Christian love and marriage are also worth celebrating - lest we forget.
Speroway is an international non-profit relief organization responding to the needs of children and their families around the world, by providing food, medicine, education and other essentials with Christian love, compassion and integrity.
Jay Bennett, and Tyson Cole earned the Animal Rescue Award and proved that Christian love spreads to all of God's creatures.
Nadeem, who was deeply moved by the hospitality that he and his Muslim friends received at Heartsong, reminded Pastor Stone of a similar story where Christians showed true Christian love to Muslims by stating, "When our Prophet asked the persecuted Muslims to migrate to Ethiopia, then ruled by the Christian King, Negus, he provided them a home and respectful welcome.
Resistance to the evil of occupation is integrated, then, within this Christian love that refuses evil and corrects it.

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