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Johnson has found a balance by developing character traits that manifest Christian love, forgiveness, and a lifestyle that portrays the virtue of genuine goodness.
We recited the Lord's Prayer at assembly, parrot fashion, without giving much thought to what it meant and none of the teachers I knew practised what you call Christian love and compassion.
The service is dedicated to Christian love, and community members are welcomed to receive communion at the event.
She argues that the notion of Christian love for their neighbour could result in the desire for revenge against non-Christians.
It was our way of opening up our doors to our neighbours and demonstrating Christian love to them, which is absolutely what we want to do.
There follow essays on Christian love as friendship with God, on prayer as the expression of the desire of the Christian, and on Aquinas's interpretation of the biblical phrase of being conformed to Christ.
Perhaps, judging by his epistle, your contributor is happy with society as it is at present and has no need or room for Christian love, which is the antidote to a society struggling to overcome a drug and drink-sodden culture.
But Christian love and marriage are also worth celebrating - lest we forget.
Once humankind accepts the utterly unselfish love of Jesus Christ, Christianity asserts, the elaborate body of Jewish law becomes redundant, for Christian love will elicit the right behavior spontaneously.
Jay Bennett, and Tyson Cole earned the Animal Rescue Award and proved that Christian love spreads to all of God's creatures.
They make no attempt to engender guilt about one's anger or reluctance to forgive, but instead offer help in turning even tragic events into opportunities to show Christian love and compassion.
Nadeem, who was deeply moved by the hospitality that he and his Muslim friends received at Heartsong, reminded Pastor Stone of a similar story where Christians showed true Christian love to Muslims by stating, "When our Prophet asked the persecuted Muslims to migrate to Ethiopia, then ruled by the Christian King, Negus, he provided them a home and respectful welcome.

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