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CHRISTIANITY. The religion established by Jesus Christ.
     2. Christianity has been judicially declared to be a part of the common law of Pennsylvania; 11 Serg. & Rawle, 394; 5 Binn. R.555; of New York, 8 Johns. R. 291; of Connecticut, 2 Swift's System, 321; of Massachusetts, Dane's Ab. vol. 7, c. 219, a. 2, 19. To write or speak contemptuously and maliciously against it, is an indictable offence. Vide Cooper on the Law of Libel, 59 and 114, et seq.; and generally, 1 Russ. on Cr. 217; 1 Hawk, c. 5; 1 Vent. 293; 3 Keb. 607; 1 Barn. & Cress. 26. S. C. 8 Eng. Com. Law R. 14; Barnard. 162; Fitzgib. 66; Roscoe, Cr. Ev. 524; 2 Str. 834; 3 Barn. & Ald. 161; S. C. 5 Eng. Com. Law R. 249 Jeff. Rep. Appx. See 1 Cro. Jac. 421 Vent. 293; 3 Keb. 607; Cooke on Def. 74; 2 How. S. C. 11 ep. 127, 197 to 201.

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The Holy Longing: The Search for a Christian Spirituality is for those with a gnawing sensation that spirituality can be, ought to be, and must be more than religious observance.
As well as aspects of Christian spirituality and theologies of Jerusalem, the local Christian community's position is examined in terms of its diaspora, demographic changes, heritage, the allocation of land and environmental degradation.
com/standrab, to share with a wider world their interest in early Christian spirituality and to show the world something of their life.
Indeed, all of the following sections - on God, Jesus Christ, church, sacraments, Christian morality and Christian spirituality - have this question as their backdrop.
Their music reflects the depth of the Orthodox Christian tradition, and the OCF is very excited to have their help in raising awareness about authentic Christian spirituality and what it offers our student community.
Today the Catholic Church needs a personal approach to Christian spirituality wedded to social concern" (5).
The book offers a unique perspective about the current state of Christian spirituality and Biblical doctrines in the wake of contemporary society and politics.
The result is a powerful account consider faith's applications to many situations, and is a top pick for any Christian spirituality collection.
Pioneers in the formation of spiritual directors, Mercy Center is now offering Sacred Journey, a 9-month certificate program in contemplative Christian spirituality, along with our two-year program in the Art and Practice of Spiritual Direction and summer internships in retreat and group direction.
31 Day Spiritual Mindset Makeover: A Journey Through the Book of Proverbs" is a Christian spirituality read from Carlene B.
Partnering with the King": Study the Gospel of Matthew & Become a Disciple of Jesus" is an inspirational Christian spirituality guide from John L.
Marked" is a strong addition to any self-help and Christian spirituality collection, recommended.

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