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The 90 hybrib coupler and the balanced pothodetectors were configured without noise because we are evaluating the capacity of the algorithms to compensate the chromatic dispersion of the optical fiber.
Makouei, "Modified W-type single mode optical fiber design with ultra-low, flattened chromatic dispersion and ultra-high effective area for high bit rate long haul communications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol.
The resulting overall dispersion is composed of chromatic dispersion and polarization mode dispersion path and is given by the resulting relation [2],[3],[4],[5]:
However, since the chromatic dispersion of this fiber is about 20 times higher than that of standard optical fiber, a single-mode DFB laser must be used.
Applying finite differences to Equation (14), the chromatic dispersion D can be calculated numerically as,
Concerning chromatic dispersion, NIST has developed two systems to measure relative group delay which broadens pulses and limits the system data rate.
Sometimes, other analysis may be done, such as polarization mode dispersion or chromatic dispersion.
The center core shifts chromatic dispersion to achieve a non-zero, low dispersion in the 1550 nm band.
The span length is greater for sources where the line width is smaller, leading to reduced chromatic dispersion effects.
The module is equipped with an advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) unit that eliminates the need for optical compensation in chromatic dispersion, and features the lowest power consumption in the optical market today.
High bit-rate DWDM optics need precise management of optical power and chromatic dispersion.