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Chromatic Dispersion Compensators, in the form known by now, may become unnecessary for higher rate systems: all work will be done by the coherent receivers and DSPs, which will prevail in 100 Gb/s and 40 Gb/s transmission systems (though some 40 Gb/s systems may still be using direct detection).
Other multimode fiber optic cabling systems strive to minimize just the effects of modal dispersion, only to eventually become limited by chromatic dispersion.
By implementing a DQPSK solution, optical signals are less affected by chromatic dispersion (CD), polarization mode dispersion (PMD), and optical bandwidth limitations after travelling through multiple ROADM nodes.
Free-Path Tunable Optical Dispersion Compensation Components & Modules 10Gbps & 40Gbps Solutions: Tunable Optical Dispersion Compensators, integrated with transponders or line-cards, compensate for both in-line and end-of-line chromatic dispersion.
These benefits include improved tolerance to major impairments in telecom networks - chromatic dispersion (CD), first and second order polarization mode dispersion (PMD), and nonlinear distortion.
At the components level, 40 Gbps will increasingly represent an opportunity for those firms that can provide innovative ways of meeting the chromatic dispersion, PMD and spectral efficiency challenges inherent in 40-Gbps networking.
Single mode fiber links: The CS4315 EDC can be used in both metro and long haul DWDM systems to compensate for chromatic dispersion and other distortions caused by the transmission medium.