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Two slides were prepared per culture for Geimsa-trypsin-Leishman-banded chromosome analysis.
Chromosome analysis was carried out employing short term culture of the bone marrow samples of study patients and karyotypic abnormalities were identified following international system of human cytogenetic nomenclature (ISCN,1995).
Patients: In a period between January 1998 to January 2009, 151 female and 123 male patients (n = 274) were referred to the Department of Medical Genetics for chromosome analysis as part of their infertility work up.
With the extra signal for 21q22, we decided to perform chromosome analysis from peripheral blood and skin biopsy samples of the patient, which revealed normal karyotypes.
Depending on degree of suspicion, it may be appropriate to perform chromosome analysis on both a blood sample and a tissue sample in order to detect low-level mosaicism.
Full chromosome analysis may double the chance of success in couples who have a poor chance of conceiving," he says.
Professor Simon Fishel, managing director of CARE Fertility Group, said: "Full chromosome analysis may double the chance of success in couples who have a poor chance of conceiving or a history of failed treatments and miscarriage; and maximise the chance of pregnancy in all couples.
Chromosome analysis indicated that the cell line was reproducibly diploid.
Full chromosome analysis offers huge hope to many couples who have a poor chance of conceiving, those who have had many failures, and for those who want to maximise their chance at each attempt.
Now the commercial clinic will also provide pre-natal DNA tests, sibling, grandparent and Y chromosome analysis, as well as express services.

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