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Index Corp, Shelton, CT, has adopted a rather unusual approach to automation in its Index V200 Self-Loading Chucker, "the machine that loads itself and puts robots out of work.
The Index V200 is a self-loading chucker machine that uses a "moving" spindle to eliminate robot or loading arm part transfer mechanisms.
Shimada's CN-660 is a camless six-spindle automatic chucker that can perform complicated operations such as contouring and single-point threading.
Since his ban, former England "A" bowler Giddins, who switched counties from Hove, was accused in some quarters of being a chucker.
He was labelled as a chucker, a bad boy and even tested positive for banned steroid nandrolone in 2006.
If the chucker was a real fan, Hartley might have found himself dealing with that.
The most popular market of all was the Chucker Khan special, which we were about pounds 20,000 short of after it was bought up from 1.
Muralitharan insists: "I never called anyone a chucker.
THESE are the pictures that Muttiah Muralitharan claims proves he is not a chucker.
But as he celebrated his call-up by appearing in a benefit match for England team-mate Alec Stewart at Chelsea's Stamford Bridge ground yesterday, Kirtley maintained he was pukka, not a chucker.
Tenders are invited for Cnc Twin Spindle Chucker - 01 No.
A muddy boot torpedoed across the room and bounced off Alan's bonce and as he flew for its chucker I intervened.