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Which one does the church establishment serve - those who accumulate 'treasures upon earth', or those who lay up 'treasures in heaven' by following Christ's teachings?
Catherine's promotion as patron saint of Italy came as the culmination of a process that began with Italian unification, when she was recruited as a paragon of Roman values--that is, the values of a Church establishment locked in a culture war with anticlerical Italian national governments.
In 1833, the Legislature repealed the church establishment law, and state-favored religion ended.
Tutu told the large crowd, made up of the hues of the new South Africa, that Naude had been selected by the apartheid rulers for promotion to the very top of the ruling church establishment, even being admitted into the secretive Broederbond, the inner circle of Afrikaner power.
He added: "We might be told that the church establishment will permit consenting Scots adults to watch Billy Connolly but official theologians would always tell us that to watch him is always a disorder of the soul.
Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire had systems of local church establishment in favor of the Congregationalists.