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The practice whereby a Broker dealing in Securities abuses the confidence of a client for personal gain by unnecessarily trading stocks to earn more commissions.


n. the unethical and usually illegal excessive buying and selling of shares of stock for a customer by a stockbroker or sales agent for the purpose of obtaining high sales commissions.

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The average churn rate for all non-farm occupations in the years preceding the recession (2003-2006) was 85.
This moderate churn rate, which is more comparable to the European markets, has been the result of fairly moderate competition, and a healthy postpaid customer base.
The churn rate can be minimized by creating barriers which discourage customers to change suppliers or through retention activities such as loyalty programs.
News of the churn rate caused concern among analysts, sending shares in BSkyB down 2p at 453p after the results announcement.
NTL's core Home division added 39,800 new customers in the quarter while its churn rate fell to 12.
Table 8 - Foxtel subscriber annual churn rate by customer category - 2006
According to the Complaint, Cbeyond maintained an artificially low churn rate to demonstrate its ability to keep growing and drive up the Company's inflated share price, so that insiders could sell their own personal holdings.
Telecom Argentina will continue to suffer from the highest churn rate in the country at 2.
18% churn rate in Q1 -- the percentage of customers who disconnect their service in a given period of time -- well below the industry average.