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The regression in maximum left, maximum right, mean left, and mean right common carotid artery intima-media thickness was significantly greater with cilostazol compared with aspirin (_0.
Results: The ABI improvement at the end of the study in the cilostazol treated group was marked compared with the control group.
The effect of cilostazol on apathy after cerebral infarction", Japanese Journal of Stroke, vol.
They exceed the improvements reported for other conventional PAD drug therapies including pentoxifylline, cilostazol, dipyridamole, ticlopidine, beraprost, iloprost, naftidrofuryl, and statins, Dr.
Cilostazol attenuates on-treatment platelet reactivity in patients with CYP2C19 loss of function alleles receiving dual antiplatelet therapy: a genetic substudy of the CILON-T randomised controlled trial.
Effect of particle size reduction on dissolution and oral absorption of a poorly water-soluble drug, cilostazol, in beagle dogs.
However, either the medication cilostazol (Pletal), supervised exercise, or the combination of both cilostazol and exercise have been shown to improve the distance patients can walk before leg pain begins.
Cilostazol is an antiplatelet agent that inhibits phosphodiesterase III in platelets and vascular endothelium.
Cilostazol improves endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing factor-type relaxation in mesenteric arteries from diabetic rats.
36) In addition, the AHA recommends a program of supervised exercise and medical treatment with cilostazol or pentoxifylline.
A fin de reducir los incapacitantes sintomas de la enfermedad arterial periferica, mejorar la movilidad y la calidad de vida, asi como evitar la amputacion y el infarto cardiaco o cerebral, hoy dia se cuenta en Mexico con una eficaz y novedosa estrategia terapeutica: cilostazol, potente antiagregante plaquetario que logra reducir 67% el dolor al caminar y mejora mas del 64% la distancia maxima de marcha, informo Duarte Vega.