Cinque ports

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CINQUE PORTS, Eng. law. Literally, five ports. The name by which the five ports of Hastings, Ramenhale, Hetha or Hethe, Dover, and Sandwich, are known. 2. These ports have peculiar charges and services imposed upon them, and were entitled to certain privileges and liberties. See Harg. L. Tr. 106- 113.

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A place in the Open Championship would encourage that progression, he thought as he picked up the telephone to book his first practice round at Royal Cinque Ports.
IT'S like a Mastermind question: name the Cinque Ports of England.
So I bet Open organisers weren't too upset when McIntyre could only muster rounds of 72 and 81 at Royal Cinque Ports to be well off the pace.
At Royal Cinque Ports, where four under earned a play-off, Bamburgh Castle's US college star Garrick Porteous tied for 20th place also on two-over 146 and also shooting 70 76.
Her "celebration" will be held near Hastings, close to the oldest of the Cinque Ports during the weekend of October 21-23.
Barry's Stephen Dodd is at the Royal Cinque Ports with David Park.
In 1978, she was appointed Lord Warden and Admiral of the Cinque Ports and Constable of Dover Castle.
TEAM (Club and age in brackets): Fiona Brown (Heswall, 24), Rebecca Hudson (Wheatley, 19), Hilary Monaghan (Heriot-Watt, 23), Becky Morgan (Monmouth, 23), Elaine Ratcliffe (Sandiway, 25), Alison Rose (Stirling, 30), Kim Rostron (Clitheroe, 24), Karen Stupples (Royal Cinque Ports, 25).
Another amateur to win was Oxfordshire's Craig Hinton at Royal Cinque Ports.
STEPHANIE EVANS from Llangollen and Breanne Loucks from Wrexham were in the Wales team beaten in the final of the European Ladies Junior Team Championship at Royal Cinque Ports in Kent.
The 19-year-old west country golfer finished in style with a 67 and won by three strokes from Steven Tiley, who plays his golf at the Royal Cinque Ports club in Kent.