circulating capital

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The volume of net circulating capital is an important indicator of liquidity as it determines the company liquidity risk level.
The demand for net circulating capital may be calculated in the following way:
Where, ZKON--net circulating capital demand; OKZ--period of stock conversion in days; DSO--period of receivables inflow in days; ODP--period of deferred payment in days.
With no conversion, or shrinkage, of circulating capital there is no displacement of labor.
Indeed, circulating capital (and jobs) conceivably might expand together with fixed capital.
In short, whereas conversion of circulating capital into machinery lowers domestic labor demand, capital exported abroad annihilates the demand altogether (Ricardo [1821] 1951, 397).
Thus, Marx's critique of Ricardo for confusing constant with fixed capital, and variable with circulating capital, boils down to Marx's warning that what had been maintained by Ricardo et al should not be identified with what was to be maintained by Marx himself.
It is, indeed, to Marx's credit that in dissecting the inherited notion of circulating capital, he made a twofold tour de force.
Let the capital stock in period t, consisting wholly of circulating capital, be
Let the stock of fixed capital be Ct, and circulating capital as before be [V.
5) In the fourth and definitive edition Walras presents a very elaborate theory of money which is connected, unlike the preceding ones, to the remaining part of his theoretical structure, because of the link between money and circulating capital goods (consumer goods and raw materials).
10) This will as the property of invariability of circulating capital in the period.