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Cable bands were placed to circumferentially compress the cable and to maintain the circular shape.
Three pressure transducers were located circumferentially at 120 [degrees] intervals in cavity number one.
The benefit of ReCor's PARADISE ultrasound approach is three-fold: (1) to penetrate deep into the tissue where the majority of nerves are located; (2) to deliver heat circumferentially, to target all of the renal nerves in one location; (3) to simultaneously cool the artery wall's surface to protect the vessel.
Contract awarded for Comprehensive food warehouse center circumferentially enlargement construction (construction)
Tunica albuginea was repaired circumferentially with interrupted 3-0 Vicryl sutures after it was determined that no corporal arteries were large enough for repair.
Snail track degeneration occurs circumferentially in the peripheral retina and appears as chains of whitish radiant dots consisting of microglia and astrocytes.
at least two accumulator segments having a substantially circumferential orientation such that each of the at least two accumulator segments have a major axis that run substantially circumferentially and intersects the at least one longitudinal segment at a vertex, wherein each of the respective intersections of the at least one substantially longitudinal segment and each of the at least two accumulator segments when measured from the vertex forms a step having a discernible angle of less than about 110[degrees].
Plicate circulares are circumferentially oriented submucosal folds present along most of the length of the small intestine.
The at least two shoulder blocks are associated with the elongated ridge, are circumferentially aligned along a side edge of the tread band, and are bounded by grooves oriented substantially transversely to the circumferential extension direction.
The most commonly practiced treatment for stable complete or incomplete types of discoid lateral meniscus is partial meniscal excision, leaving a 6- to 7-mm peripheral rim circumferentially, anteriorly, and posteriorly, (19) which is in fact reducing the volume of the meniscus and restoring a "normal" morphology.
the pipeline would sometimes be permanently repaired by using steel split sleeves with the longitudinal seams welded, as well as circumferentially at the ends of each sleeve to the entire pipe segment--completely encapsulating the anomalous condition, or conditions.