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I thank the police for their effort and all those who stood up against the attacker with civil courage and bravery.
She went on to call upon Germans to "demonstrate civil courage and to promise that anti-Semitism will not be tolerated in any form.
Against the backdrop of the very important information that he revealed, however, the media treated him with a degree of sympathy for his civil courage.
Through his civil courage he persistently challenged the communist government and he became the catalyst, the yeast, and the torch of the silent and peaceful mob that finally toppled the evil giant by the might of pens and minds rather than by the strength of swords, through steadfastness and willingness to intelligently sacrifice themselves.
Feminist theorist Judith Butler has criticized Christopher Street Day for being too uncritical and too commercial--which is why she turned down the Civil Courage Award the organizers wanted to give her this year.
First were the images of United Nations soldiers standing by - nonconforming civil courage in cinemascope.
Haidar was detained at the airport in Western Sahara's administrative capital, Laayoune, on her return from the US, where she was awarded the Train Foundation's Civil Courage prize of 50,000 dollars for her struggle for the Sahrawis' right to self-determination.
Ambassador Robert Tuttle opened the ceremony of presenting 72-year-old Salem with the honour of the Civil Courage Prize (established by the Trustees of the Train Foundation to honour civil courage and steadfast resistance to evil at great personal risk).
NEW YORK: Ali Salem, Egyptian author and an outspoken critic of radical Islam, will be awarded the 2008 Civil Courage Prize, the Train Foundation said in a statement Thursday.
We now only fear acts of civil courage because when people renounce lies it cuts short their existence.
In the original citation Suu Kyi was described as "one of the most extraordinary examples of civil courage in Asia in recent decades".