Civil state

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CIVIL STATE. The union of individual men in civil society under a system of laws and a magistracy, or magistracies, charged with the administration of the laws. It is a fundamental law of the civil state, that no member of it shall undertake to redress or avenge any violation of his rights, by another person, but appeal to the constituted authorities for that purpose, in all cases in which is is possible for him to do so. Hence the citizens are justly considered as being under the safeguard of the law. 1 Toull. n. 201. Vide Self-defence.

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We continue to advocate for a civil state, and [it is only possible to] protect Christians in Lebanon and the Levant through a civil state .
Nevertheless, unfortunately they are words and resonating terms without detailing the practical steps for the establishment of a modern civil state in the Arab and Muslim countries, and more importantly, without an explanation of how to get out from under the yoke of injustice, oppression and tyranny regime
Al Araimi explained that to have a successful civil state, several conditions should be met, such as having stability and tolerance within the country.
Secretary General Nabil Al-Araby stressed, in a statement, the importance of the step, which meets the demands of wide segments of the Iraqi people, commending Iraqi government's response to these demands, as well as Al-Abadi's determination to establish the civil state and exclude sectarian and radical dominance of the country's institutions.
He added that the Yemeni people decided to turn the page on the black past and move to build a federal modern civil state but those evil and coup forces foiled it in an attempt to drag the country into a bloody civil and sectarian war.
These crimes will be immortalized in the collective memory of the Yemeni citizen, who has aspirations of just and civil state, as crimes committed intentionally for destroying the founders of the civil and modern state.
Every civil state battles its religion and culture--the West, Christianity and Judaism; the Middle East states, Islam; Russia, the Orthodox Church; China, Confucianism; Israel, Judaism and Islam.
The Ohrid Agreement was the basis for establishing peace but it cannot be a basis for construction of a democratic and civil state.
Egypt is a civil state and is part of the Muslim world; religious-based parties have commended how the constitution tackled the Egyptian religiosity aspect," he added.
Thus, the so-called supporters of Arabism, the seculars, the Salafists, and the religious governments have all come together under the support of the armed forces in order to produce a civil state in Egypt
GENEVA, (SANA)- Representative of the Opposition's Coordination Body for Change Powers abroad Haitham Man affirmed that the resolution in Syria stems from basic headlines, based on the principle that Syria is home to all its sons, no place for any occupier, adding "the civil state is a guarantee, but terrorism is rejected.
Syrian Diplomats for a Democratic and Civil State includes six or seven diplomats who have defected and others who are still in their positions, said Hosam Hafez, a Syrian diplomat who announced his defection 10 days ago and is acting as coordinator of the group unveiled on Monday.

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