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Priod addfwyn Ken, mam gariadus Dafydd a Clare, John a Julie, Robin, Huw a Rosalie, chwaer i Geraint a Lyn, nain siriol Ben ac Kelly, James a Ilana, Daniel a Becci, Geraint, Sion, Sara, Natalie, Catrin a Jamie, Lloyd, Holly ac Ellie Beth, a hen nain garedig i Sam, Izzy, Jensen ac Callie Beth.
Tries for Penarth by Andrew Rowlands, Mike Clare, John Daniel and Chris Miller (2) were matched by Taibach through Andy Roach, Neil Wood, Dean Cronin, Huw Williams and Craig Williams.
Devoted grand to Sarah, Jenny, Elisabeth, Chris, Laura, Lyndsey, Clare, John, Andrew, Helen, Sonny and Stella, and greatgrand to Emmy, Harrison, Max, Millie, James, Jack, Joseph, David, Daniel, Edward, Jude, Xavi, Heidi, Hallie and Fraser.
Indeed the subtitle of the book, taken from Carson McCullers' short story of the same name, creates a picture of the world in which meaning is sensed as much as rationalized, a way of thinking theorized by Jacobus through the work of Derrida, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Thomas Nagel and Jean-Luc Nancy, as well as John Clare, John Constable, John Ruskin, Rainer Maria Rilke, W.
Mam, Susan, Tracey and Clare, John, Chris and Mark.
Peter Moore, much loved mother of Clare, John, Christopher and the late Anne, a loved and devoted grandmother.

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