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Following the entry of the order and final judgment in the federal court class action lawsuit, there has been a 30-day period to appeal the order and final judgment.
We can hope that some sort of acceptable early settlement will come out of these class action lawsuits, but, more realistically, we should expect the cases to consolidate and go to trial.
In particular, the statements regarding the outcome of the Company's defense of the Second Amended Consolidated Class Action lawsuit are forward-looking statements.
Fire has the option to terminate the settlement agreements if the cumulative dollar value of the claims held by individuals or entities that "opt out" of the federal and state class action lawsuits exceeds $250,000.
Realtors(R) support establishing uniform standards for where class action lawsuits can be filed," said NAR President Al Mansell, CEO of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Salt Lake City.
At that meeting, the class action lawsuits filed by the Connecticut State Medical Society against the state's six largest health plans were discussed, and members from all states were urged to encourage their own states to join with Connecticut at no charge.
In July, the Company announced that it had agreed to settle the class action lawsuits.
Today's lawsuits mark the second and third class action lawsuits filed against Carrier Corporation for failing to disclose defects in its furnaces.
As previously reported, the remaining set of class action lawsuits in which Triton is a defendant is part of what is referred to as the "IPO laddering" claims.
The mid-year study also finds a large decline in market capitalization losses related to all securities fraud class action lawsuits filed so far in 2006.