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To simplify code editing and navigation, the tools now include improved string searches, configurable code completion, a C/C++ class browser and a refactoring facility for automating code changes across an entire project.
Innovative multilanguage code editing features in SlickEdit Studio include Context Tagging(TM) code completion with auto lists and Javadoc comments, DIFFzilla(TM) file, directory and source tree difference editing and merging, References view for navigating references, Symbol view for quick symbol look-up, FTP Open view that supports S/FTP, and a Class Browser.
Visual SlickEdit, in addition to providing the development interface, will support the Synergy/DE development language with such powerful editing features as SmartPaste(TM), Color Coding, Syntax Expansion and Indenting , Dynamic Tagging, and a Class Browser.
The MULTI debugger also features a graphical memory viewer and specialized support for C++, including an object-oriented class browser, namespace support and C++ function navigation.
The Visual SlickEdit-Tornado Edition will provide Tornado users with powerful editing functions including a class browser, dynamic tagging, a code beautifier, SmartPaste(TM), difference editing and selective display, customized to work with the Tornado development environment.
The CodeWarrior IDE includes a class browser that is designed to allow developers to conveniently navigate and edit their code.