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The new Adax Classical IP over ATM module runs with the existing Adax SS7 signaling over ATM, SSCOP and SSCF protocols and SCTP and M3UA for SIGTRAN on the same Adax ATM board.
0 focuses on include capabilities for classical IP applications, such as Traffic Engineering and Provider-Provisioned VPNs (PP-VPNs), Layer 2 tunneling mechanisms for metro optical networks, Generalized MPLS functionality for core optical network transport and Optical User Network Interface (O-UNI) for optical network access.
The proxy interface functionality upgrade is available as part of the basic Classical IP (CIP) and PPP-over-ATM (PPPoA) module in Trillium's PLOA software at no additional cost.
The TransPEG 500 can also revert back to LANE (LAN Emulation) protocols for Classical IP (CLIP) based transmission.

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