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Whether it's conifers or hardwoods, I've never seen any scientific proof that any system is better than clearcutting for regenerating the forest.
Bird response to clearcutting in Missouri Ozark forests.
Clearcutting has been practiced in California since the 1950s.
These regulations were considered inadequate by some people who felt there was excessive clearcutting, and enough signatures were gathered to put a referendum to ban clearcutting on the ballot in 1996.
It's this insensitivity that Clearcutting seeks to penetrate by turning industrial forestry from an abstract issue to a visceral one.
The highest number of herbaceous plants occurred the first year following clearcutting (4971 plants) at Site 2 and diminished noticeably to the seventh year (1851 plants) (Fig.
The Plan, which is limited to the next 6-10 year period, limits clearcutting to 5,300 acres annually, with seedtree and shelterwood methods set at 2,700 acres annually and the uneven-age selection methods at 15,000 acres annually.
Civil disobedience has now spread to Calaveras County, where SPI is clearcutting adjacent to the Calaveras Big Trees State Park.
Currently 90 percent of BLM's timber sales are harvested by clearcutting.
The reduction reflects a decline in timber harvests in general and clearcutting in particular.
Their main concerns were disappearing hardwood forests, impacts on wildlife and waterways, and clearcutting.
The irony of relying on clearcutting machinery and loggers to restore an ecosystem was not lost on DeWald, who notes that all the loggers returned to bask in their accomplishment after the project was completed in October.