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Strong Hearts, Native Lands is timely and relevant analysis as Canadians witness Indigenous resistance against fracking, oil sands production and distribution, mining, and clearcutting.
They had grown back after the first great clearcutting, which had begun in the late 1800s.
A black silk ribbon was sewn in an "x" across the patches as each parcel was lost to clearcutting.
But SPI's clearcutting rampage is provoking resistance among communities up and down the Sierra Nevada range.
xix) The author notes that this amounts to a history of clearcutting from 1880 to 1965 because that was the primary method of harvesting following the mechanization of logging.
For example, in the Boreal Forest Region of Ontario, these guidelines recommend: (1) clearcutting in blocks of 80-130 ha, leaving buffer zones between cuts; (2) where clearcuts exceed 100 ha and moose utilising portions of the cutover would be more than 200 m from suitable cover, conifer shelter patches of at least 3-5 ha should be provided; (3) shelter patches should be spaced 300-400 m apart; (4) cuts should not exceed 400 m in width in late winter concentration areas for moose; and (5) a 120 m reserve should be left around aquatic feeding areas, mineral licks, and calving sites.
Current management practice is to leave a 20-m-wide buffer of trees between a bay and clearcuts to minimize potential effects of clearcutting on the wetlands.
And clearcutting, like malaria and the subjugation of Indians, is not a thing of the past--it's globally pervasive, rapacious, and rapidly spreading in the 1990s.
Diversity generally peaked the third year following clearcutting and then subsided.
Probably the single most controversial and divisive issue that the Forest Service has had to deal with is the forest management practice of clearcutting.
This canary in the coal mine told us that clearcutting three square miles of old-growth forest on federal public lands in Oregon each week wasn't sustainable.
The impacts of old-growth clearcutting, forest conversion, and the introduction of invader species as well as the status of endangered species, roadless areas, and river and stream health are reviewed with blunt clarity.