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In contrast with this expectation, and unexpectedly for the reader, the cleft sentence ends up the stretch precisely by identifying the "triad society, Congress and government" as the referent that satisfies x in "Dirceu lived his bamboo moment in situation x ".
Secondly, if the elements that should not be excluded from the set of alternatives in (20) are not mere hyponyms of "willingness to incorporate peace into daily life", then we are definitely facing a case that is not covered Wedgwood, Petho and Cann (2006)'s analysis: the cleft sentence in (20) does not satisfy the condition "& [for all]y[ P(y) [right arrow] y [subset equal to] x]" in (14).
A cleft sentence without a connective word such as It was John we saw is represented as follows:
For the logically equivalent, syntactically unmarked, noncleft counterpart of a cleft sentence, I will use the term canonical sentence.
Constituent-focus cleft sentences may be understood in the same way.
Remember that Declerck (1992) claims that cleft sentences and inferentials are specificational; that is, that they specify a value for a variable.
This is where cleft sentences come in handy, as their double-clause structure offers not only a split-focus domain with an existential presupposition but, in the case of the inverted pseudocleft, a formal clue to contrastive focus.
The second type of copular structure with dummy topic belongs to the canonical cleft sentences.