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Mr Cunningham said: "The Church Commissioners wanted to retain day-to-day contact with the clergymen rather than have Grainger do it.
He did not say when the first classroom clergymen would be appointed.
They [enemies of Islam] want to deprive the establishment [of the Islamic Republic] of the vast intellectual, rational and logical support of clerics, and isolate and tarnish the reputation of the revolutionary clergymen.
Muslim clergymen of southern regions held a working meeting in Osh city on Monday to discuss activities of Mufti of Kyrgyzstan Chubak ajy Jalilov, reported AKIpress Ferghana.
The Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, for this purpose, revealed that, emanating from its sense of national and religious responsibility and its keenness on community cohesion and in order to extend bridges of loving-kindness and recognizing the history-long, deep-rooted amicable relations which have between the united Bahraini people, the Council addresses religious clergymen, scholars and Friday-prayer speech-makers from both noble sects in writing and urged them to assume their responsibility towards their country, community and the nation and to obey Allah's commands such as to invite people for good deeds, tolerance and national unity and to act as harbingers for reformation and rectitude in the same manner as the apostles, imams and philanthropists.
I know that you have stopped, warned and scolded rogue clergymen and asked the bodies concerned to take action, but is it real action and what are the bodies you have talked to?
The governor was speaking during his meeting Thursday with Christian clergymen in the province.
Wardy told NINA that at present situation in Falluja is better after tribesmen and clergymen, as well as its people are in control of it, and committee formed to facilitate the return of local police and be deployed to provide security and stability.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Informed sources said here today that the agenda of Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Dawood Oglu covers the visit of clergymen in Najaf city.
The two Chicago clergymen were fined after failing to appear in municipal court.
RHF was formed in 1961 by three visionaries--two California United Church of Christ clergymen and a layman.
Baharin: A move to ban clergymen from politics altogether will be debated by Bahrain's Shura Council on Sunday.