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If your children already have you climbing the walls and you're not sure you want to do it for fun, the YMCA offers instructional classes on Tuesday evenings before open wall begins.
Robots are literally climbing the walls these days, thanks to a gecko-inspired robot called Stickybot.
FIREFIGHTERS are climbing the walls after inviting children and youth groups into their training tower.
I was climbing the walls and didn't miss a second of Kapalua action.
As more physical education classes are getting squeezed out due to overloaded schedules and tightened school budgets, many Texas schools are offering a new kind of program: climbing the walls.
Excited schoolchildren were climbing the walls at the launch of a new adventure sports centre in Sunderland.
It was significant fire and aimed fire was then returned against some of the demonstrators, the agitating persons who were now climbing the walls.