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Important personal attributes that may help in a successful career in clinical research include strong written and oral communication skills, adaptability, being a self-starter, attention to detail and good time management skills.
Entry level & Junior CRAs and other clinical research professionals with limited experience.
The need for vigilance in monitoring, observation and assessment (of both the regulatory environment and the patient care arena) makes the responsibilities and work of the clinical research nurse coordinator intriguing and distinct from traditional nursing roles.
Many editorials and subspecialty guidelines have now been written regarding the relevance and importance of the use of these tools for clinical research, including Meniere's disease, (2) surgical treatment of head and neck cancer, (3,4) rhinology, (5,6) pediatric otolaryngology, (7) otology, (8) aesthetic surgery, (9,10) and laryngology.
In mental health clinical research, the term "clinical" means that the research involves persons in actual patient care settings.
Nevertheless, CHAMPUS dollars are public money and in its notice in the Federal Register, CHAMPUS points out that this support for clinical research will facilitate recruitment for NCI trials.

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