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11) Hodgkin, Heath, and Baxter, "The Clonal Selection Theory: 50 Years since the Revolution.
Other features of the approach were based on the clonal selection theory and other immunological mechanisms.
Applying the clonal selection principle to find flexible job-shop schedules, in Proceedings of 4th International Conference "Artificial Immune Systems, ICARIS 2005".
Fazi Battaglia's success stems from its own vineyards and strong commitment to experimentation and continuous improvement under the guidance of quality-oriented Consulting Winemaker, Franco Bernabei: A meticulous parcel study of its 14 single vineyards, followed by a rigorous clonal selection has paved the way for the new vineyards plantings currently in line for production.
During their clonal selection and expansion, however, their gene and protein expression patterns change significantly, thereby losing many of their primary characteristics.
Customers are already using the Octet System with Amine Reactive Biosensors to accelerate their clonal selection and screening protein affinities.
Pinot Noir Workshops exploring clonal selection, Pinot Noir styles, vertical tastings, Pinot Noir & classic food pairings, and an aromatic workshop devoted to the aromas and flavors of Pinot Noir.
Castello Banfi has been recognized for its groundbreaking research in clonal selection of the native Sangiovese grape to improve the overall quality of the area's historic Brunello di Montalcino wine, as well as its introduction of international grape varietals.
Among several applications in the field of drug discovery, the FLASH technology may be utilized to visualize important pharmaceutical targets for clonal selection of cell lines for screening, and derivatives of the FLASH molecule could be designed to induce in vivo protein dimerization.
The strategies used in IAC's Robusta coffee program today are clonal selections and progenies, where several agronomical and technological properties are studied, along with final chemical and sensory components," said Mistro.
Clonal selections of local varieties were planted in new olive orchards with tree densities ranging from 600 to 1,000 trees per acre (1,500 to 2,500 per hectare) to test the suitability of the plants to mechanization and the production of high-quality, extra-virgin olive oil.
We are beginning pilot scale testing and foresee cost-effective scale technology in a few years as we identify elite clonal selections.