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And also the obtained coefficients of each scale are assembled as the fault feature and then were energized, normalized, and presented to the clonal selection classifier to examine the efficiency of diagnosis.
The clonal selection improves recognition and allows updating the initial database due to the memory cells.
The clonal selection theory [19] is used in immunology to describe the basic features of an immune response to an antigen stimulus.
2000), "The clonal selection algorithm with engineering applications", in Workshop on Artificial Immune Systems and Their Applications, Las Vegas, USA: 36-37.
Kelsey and Timmis [16] proposed an immune inspired algorithm based on the clonal selection theory to solve multimodal optimization problems.
At the end of clonal selection, the remaining high producers are evaluated against these media in spin tubes using standard culture parameters to start (temperature, %C[O.
The clonal selection corresponds to the learning process adapting to increasing new malicious access patterns in IDS.
The main stages of the clonal selection algorithm are selected as following:
X' + C) * PRECOMP n/a UTED * C for C_SVC, EPSILON_SVR and NU_SVR * degree For Poly Kernels * gamma For Poly/RBF/Sigmoid kernels * cofe0 For Poly/Sigmoid * epsilon Stopping criteria Table 2: Parameters initialization values and randomization ranges Parameter value Description Maximum Generation 25 Number of AIS iterations Population Size 50 Number of Antibodies/iteration Best N 5 Number of antibodies selected for Clonal selection Meta Dynamics 10 Number of randomly added antibodies Num Clones 2 Maximum number of clones/antibody Table 3: Parameters initialization values and randomization ranges Parameter Initialization value Mutation value/ranges svm_type Random One of SVMLIBM SVMs types Kernel_type Random POLY/RBF/LINER/SIGMOID C Random [0.
They have a modern winery, were the first to develop drip irrigation and have experimented widely with clonal selection.
When used for clonal selection assessment, the ECM can evaluate cup quality during the early stages of a selection program.
Michaels and Bazzaz suggested that the result may be due to clonal selection for traits beneficial for colonization, but unfortunately they had no data on clonal diversity.