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I think it is organisations like Greenpeace that have got a closed mind.
It's just a shame that Ministry of Defence as usual have tin ears, a cold heart and a closed mind on this issue.
It's the best place for a man with such a closed mind to the region, its people, heritage and culture.
This is no time to be rigid, and we must not address this issue with a closed mind.
Davis supports more charter schools and investment in education, too, but he's got a closed mind to vouchers, and merit and competency testing for teachers, preferring peer review as sought by the unions, his big supporters.
A closed mind may feel safe, but to be closed-minded means you are not open to new information--and information is healing and empowering.
The statement on predetermination is in section 25, paragraph 121, and the relevant excerpt says: "The section makes it clear that if a councillor has given a view on an issue, this does not show that the councillor has a closed mind on that issue, so that if a councillor has campaigned on an issue or made public statements about their approach to an item of council business, he or she will be able to participate in discussion of that issue in the council and to vote on it if it arises in an item of council business requiring a decision".
I'M surprised how the Greens and so-called Friends of the Earth can have such a closed mind when it comes to fracKing.
As I have indicated I am in neither the 'for' or 'against' camp at the moment but surely it behoves us as politicians not to have a closed mind on the matter?
An open mind always seeks after truth, while a closed mind traps a person within their dogma.
TIL TIME DENIES The forest loomed, the land rising to darkest Mountains beckoning beyond time, the foothills full of green waving growth Lost in their density, The sun descending towards the peaks, to Become subservient, Silence replaced sound, something beyond Understanding dominated here, Nature, as Lazarus, died in the night to rise again Without pity or fear, The mind a wilderness of sight only, as sound, sense, Smell bequeathed by day, slept; Tormented light accepted defeat, as a calm of what is, And always will be fell, Closed eyes, closed mind, a closing of the forest, to rest And rise again, Time and humanity ever defying the power of nature, Pray we never see into the shadows beyond the trees.
Although best practice is usually both easier to do and to defend to bosses, it is in effect a short-cut that bypasses a true understanding of the problem that needs fixing and promotes a closed mind culture.