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Cluster of differentiation (CD) markers' expression of 100 pre-apheresis and 100 platelet apheresis samples was compared after the completion of platelet apheresis procedure.
Cluster of differentiation 146 (CD146) also known as the melanoma cell adhesion molecule or cell surface glycoprotein MUC18, is a cell adhesion molecule currently used as a marker for endothelial cell lineage and is involved in the control of cell cohesion, vascular permeability, and monocyte transmigration.
Surprisingly, the patient was seropositive for HIV infection and had a cluster of differentiation 4 (CD4) cell count of 274/[micro]l and viral load of 129,000 copies/ml.
It was hypothesized that consumption of oxidized soybean oil and oxidative stress in young chicks would compromise the transcripts of cytokines involved in immune reactions and the concentrations of Ig, cluster of differentiation (CD) 4 and CD8 molecules.

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