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X,Y,Z- cartesian co-ordinates (rotated XOYZ-frame);
The reason of the above described grouping is due to the fact that the level of load and shape of the load curve is first of all determined by model factors even if the model co-ordinates do not change.
The joint CP (law and order), who should be in charge of the disaster management cell and co-ordinate with all control rooms, was shifted to other urgent work and the decision was taken jointly by Gafoor and then director general of police A N Roy.
They also co-ordinate street clean-ups and planting sessions with volunteers, encouraging as many people as possible to get involved.
Rapporteur of the Permanent Committee for the UAE-Oman border, Dr Matar Hamed Al Neyadi, said 51 maps and three lists of co-ordinates would show details of the border.
That organization, according to its Web site, co-ordinates papers, books and conferences that offer "significant reflection on core matters of the doctrine and discipline of the church for its clergy and lay members.
The Coast to Coast Cardiac Network, which co-ordinates care for Coronary Heart Disease, has gone live in cyberspace with the launch of the website.
For employers who have employees in more than one location across Ontario, CON*NECT co-ordinates multi-site training solutions.
Another desk is home to the 'info cell' which co-ordinates undercover officers on the ground, who also have their own radio frequency.
It directs and co-ordinates the Movement's international activities in conflict areas and works to promote and strengthen humanitarian law.