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As expected, the levels of all 4 vitamin K-dependent coagulation factors, II, VII, IX, and X, declined with increasing INR.
Detection of missense mutations by single-strand conformational polymorphism (SSCP) analysis of coagulation variants of coagulation factor VII.
The report provides a description, evaluation and assessment of the recombinant coagulation factor R&D pipelines as of October 2011.
The competitve landscape of classical recombinant coagulation factors and of new emerging treatment modalities of hemophilia and other severe bleeding orders is analyzed.
It evaluates reasons for failures of novel recombinant coagulation factors and provides detailed profiles of active recombinant coagulation factors in clinical development.
Factor recovery was >1 for all coagulation factors administered with Beriplex P/N (Factor II, VII, IX and X and thrombo-inhibitors Protein C and Protein S).
Apart from recombinant products, plasma-derived coagulation factors still play a considerable role, albeit bovine derived products are considerably being challenged by human recombinant and plasma-derived products.
has received Good Manufacturing Practices ("GMP") certification from the China Food and Drug Administration (the "CFDA") for its new coagulation factor production facility.
The report Coagulation Factors 2010 - The Portfolio Aspect as Decisive Force: A Competitive Landscape and R&D Pipeline Analysis of Hemostasis Proteins provides a description, evaluation and assessment of the recombinant and plasma-derived coagulation factor pipelines as of September 2010.
The report "Recombinant Coagulation Factors 2013 - The Race to Market and for Market Shares: Technology & Pipeline Assessment and Corporate Benchmarking Analysis" of June 2013 describes a market forecast based on growth of historical sales of recombinant coagulation factors.