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The newly adopted Code of Ethics, along with itemized descriptions of each key element, will be posted on both organizations' websites, along with detailed descriptions of each.
Swisher L and Hiller P (2010): The revised APTA code of ethics for the physical therapist and standards of ethical conduct for the physical therapy assistant: theory, purpose, process, and significance.
is a professional organization, and its Code of Ethics defines ethical behavior and best practices in governing the profession of counseling.
Every security company has the responsibility to have and disseminate a professional code of ethics.
Topping the list of assurances, the DSA Code of Ethics ensures that member companies will not make any statements or promises that may mislead either consumers or prospective sales people.
The code of ethics makes explicit the ethical principles that should guide the difficult decisions that everyone in policing has to make every day of the week.
At our office we have The Code of Ethics displayed on the wall as a promise to our clients.
A code of ethics serves to guide the professional to maintain personal integrity and honesty, to make decisions that are in the best interest of clients, and to meet the standards established for persons working in the profession.
He has been active in drafting a code of ethics for the newspaper and will cite codes from the West and Arab word.
For more information on the new code of ethics, see page 30.
IREM members pledge to uphold a code of ethics from the moment they join the Institute.
I would like to address actions adopted by MTNA's Board of Directors concerning the revision of MTNA's Code of Ethics, the establishment of an Ethical Concerns Committee (ECC) and a "process for enforcement" to accompany this new code, as stated by Gary Ingle.

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