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A lot of us are coffee addicts, but has anyone given a thought about what to do with a used coffee pod?
Anyone who knows me, knows I am a pathetic coffee addict.
And that's enough to convince this coffee addict to give the tea habit a chance.
KATIE Pomegranate Green Sport--Lemon-Lime: Kona Cola: Being the Tea: Not sure how Finally, a vitamin coffee addict that I this drink gets C drink that am, I was sure I would away with being doesn't taste like love Nuun Kona Cola.
Novelli, a self-confessed coffee addict, told The Grocer: "I have had more coffee than hot meals.
The prayer read in part, "Almighty and loving God, you have created all things and are no doubt a coffee addict.
Or perhaps you're a recovering coffee addict who has now turned to the soothing varieties of tea to get a decent caffeine fix, just without the jitters.
Mint & Mustard, 134 Whitchurch Road COFFEE & SCOTCH SUNDAE AT SCIENCE CREAM If you're a coffee addict, then this is for you, plus a little snifter of whisky too.
Flamingo Land is packed with places to revitalise yourself, whether you're a coffee addict like me, a hot chocoholic like Benjy and Eva, or a soft drink fan like Elizabeth.
Starbucks Barista machine: I'm a coffee addict and this must have saved me a fortune because I can now make my favourites at home.