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Although coffee drinkers from most income categories were equally likely to call themselves coffee addicts (around 12%), those from the highest income category were twice as likely to call their love of coffee an addiction.
The prayer read in part, "Almighty and loving God, you have created all things and are no doubt a coffee addict.
Novelli, a self-confessed coffee addict, told The Grocer: "I have had more coffee than hot meals.
And that's enough to convince this coffee addict to give the tea habit a chance.
The concept was designed by self-confessed coffee addict Henrik Neilson, who died three months ago.
Anyone who knows me, knows I am a pathetic coffee addict.
My mum, June McKay, then aged 24 and always a serious coffee addict, used to go in for a fix while I fed endless threepenny bits into that jukebox in order to repeatedly sing along to the same record, Diana by Paul Anka, which was a UK chart hit in 1957.