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Our Coffee Beer won gold at the World Beer Cup in Seattle in April and our Cologne Style lager and Bavarian Wheat Beer both won at the Q Drink Awards in June.
The store, which stocks both these tasty tipples, has now launched coffee beer which contains the same amount of caffeine as a normal cup, giving drinkers a pick-me-up as well as a satisfying brew.
The coffee beer is currently on sale throughout Northern Ireland, and the brewers hope to sell it here shortly.
A Sainsbury's spokesperson said: 'It seems the caffeine in the coffee beer may be able to reach the parts other beers can't.
Modest Coffee has collaborated with local artists, brewers to make coffee beer, served coffee all night at the high tech hub "1871" in Chicago and were flown to the Paypal corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley to serve their coffee for the 2014 World Battlehack Finals.