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The team developed a state-of-the-art method to change the connection in human brain and change cognitive function using a new technique called "Functional connectivity neurofeedback training.
12Intracranial trauma not only jeopardizes cognitive function but also renders the prognosis unsatisfactory.
There is much debate about whether or not the course of schizophrenia affects individuals' cognitive function and, if it is related, how the trajectory of the illness is related to changes in cognitive function.
The following cognitive function tests were adopted in this study.
Testing showed that these study subjects had relatively high global cognitive function, in line with their relatively high educational attainment.
some prescription drugs will improve cognitive function, but not once in my 25-year tenure, have test subjects improved so dramatically from a safe and natural product.
While smoking led to poorer performance on each test, other risk factors impacted cognitive function in other ways.
At 6 months, exercise and medication use significantly improved cognitive function based on results of the Stroop Color and Word Test.
Modifiers of cognitive function and brain structure in middle-aged and elderly individuals with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
No research has been conducted on congenital deaf-blindness and cognitive function, but research on people with acquired deaf-blindness has reported a decreased cognitive function compared to people without or with only a visual or hearing impairment.
Mechanisms that might link production of natriuretic peptide to poor cognitive function include reduced cardiac output that decreases oxygen or nutrient supplies to the brain, atrial fibrillation that creates microemboli, microcirculation deficits that harm both the heart and brain, and genetic predisposition, said Dr.
Mature adults with low cognitive function test scores may be more likely to have early stages of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

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