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Today's health professions educators wish to develop learners' skills at the higher levels of Bloom's taxonomy that require demonstration of deeper cognitive processing such as critical thinking and evaluative judgments, but studies have shown that learning objectives in many training programs and curricula focus overwhelmingly on the lower levels of the taxonomy, knowledge and comprehension [3, 5].
With respect to both aural cognitive processing and visual cognitive processing, he worked out syntheses involving each one--syntheses involving aural cognitive processing and syntheses involving visual cognitive processing.
Given the relative ease of identifying low achievement compared to identifying cognitive processing deficits, models that rely on low achievement-only definitions of SLD can be appealing to practitioners.
The work of Jonassen (1985, 1988) and Hannafin (1989) indicated that the specific nature of instructional events and how students behave when faced with them, will greatly influence the type of cognitive processing they engage in.
highly efficient and rapid cognitive processing instead of slow, deliberative thinking;
Clearly, the social character of cognitive processing and knowledge management is a consistent theme across all the chapters in Shared Cognition in Organizations.
These include two cognitive-behavioral models--the cognitive labeling model and the outcome expectancy model--and two cognitive science models--the dual-affect model and the cognitive processing model.
Thus, the purpose of this case-control study was to examine the potential differences in emotionally and minimally distressed critically-injured patients on the variables of cognitive processing, restoring a sense of meaning, use of coping strategies and psychological well-being.
The resultant design will be a product of the interaction between the cognitive processing required to acquire the content, the strategies and methods that support these processes, and the characteristics of the technology that promote positive learning strategies and cognitive processing (Park & Hannafin, 1993, p.
Effects of feedback on cognitive processing and choice of decision style.
believe that cognitive processing difficulties diminish academic achievement because "success on tasks requiring deliberate memorization |as most early school learning tasks do~ partially depends on the ability to exert appropriate executive control during the learning session" (Warner, Schumaker, Alley, & Desherler, 1989, p.

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