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The effectiveness of cognitive restructuring on social, emotional, academic self-efficacy and the ability of reading of students with learning disabilities.
A comparison of in vivo exposure and cognitive restructuring in the treatment of a specific kind of social phobia: Psychogenic urinary retention among federally incarcerated prison inmates.
Instruction in behavioral skills such as cognitive restructuring and relapse prevention is associated with better improvements in eating than typical methods of nutrition education.
There will be no significant difference between the subjects exposed to Cognitive Restructuring (CR) technique and those exposed to Problem-Solving Technique (PST) in their level of creativity motivation.
ALSO effective in anger management is Neuro Linguistic Programming ( NLP) an offshoot of cognitive restructuring.
Through cognitive restructuring, cognitive distortions are systematically addressed; the child is helped to co-construct more useful attributes to the memories (Cook-Cottone, 2004).
s (2004) cognitive therapy for personality disorders and involved such activities as self-monitoring, behavioral exercises, and cognitive restructuring.
The panel reviewed 24 randomized, controlled trials of exposure therapy, some of which had cognitive restructuring or coping skills added as adjunctive therapies.
The development of TQ forms the core strategy of his intervention to facilitate cognitive restructuring and adaptation through transformation.
TAKING OUT YOUR MENTAL TRASH: A CONSUMER'S GUIDE TO COGNITIVE RESTRUCTURING THERAPY is one way to attack negative inclinations: it synthesizes over thirty years of author McMullin's professional experience in psychology, and offers consumers an accessible guide to cognitive restructuring therapy's key beliefs and elements.
The published articles spoke of cognitive restructuring, and the techniques that these theories spawned--narrative career counseling (Bujold; Clark et al.
The Work Ethic Camp's treatment components include a cognitive-behavioral component, academic and vocational training, substance abuse treatment, physical training, group involvement, family dynamics and cognitive restructuring.

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