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This Note addresses the "cohabitation question"--the issue of what legal effect an ex-spouse's cohabitation with a new partner should have on her right to receive alimony payments--and argues that states should revisit their current rules in light of both the multiple contemporary theories of alimony and the contemporary social-science research on cohabitation.
Courts' and legislatures' responses to the cohabitation question should be consistent with why courts award alimony in the first place.
Cohabitation may be preferred by those whose possibilities to marry are limited for some reason.
First, cohabitation is selective of people, whose socioeconomic status is lower.
So far, the studies of educational homogamy in cohabitation (mainly from the United States) have produced mixed results.
In one of the first studies on assortative mating patterns in cohabitation, Schoen and Weinick (1993) suggested that cohabitation--as a "looser bond"--lacks permanence and is associated with having and rearing children less often than marriage.
succeed over the long-term than nonmarital cohabitations alone.
frequently interpreted nonmarital cohabitations as marriages in an
As we observe individuals from a very young age, we are able to construct a very comprehensive history of both marriages and cohabitations for every respondent.
This is likely due to the different, more enduring cohabitations observed in Denmark that do encourage some behavioral changes.
Years married once again proves to be the driving force behind the marital wage differential, but wage growth is actually slower, though not significantly so, during cohabitations.
This raises this question: is the rise in cohabitation contributing to the decline in fertility?