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This outcome suggests that in systems composed of optimally sized air voids, far-held coherent scattering dominates the dependent light scattering process.
Obviously, with the increasing of rms height [delta], the specular coherent scattering decreases, while the incoherent scattering at non-specular direction increases evidently, especially at the backward direction, as the bigger the rms height is, the soil surface is rougher, hence, the coupling scattering between the target and the rough surface are more.
Single coherent scattering, also referred to as far-field-dependent scattering by Cartigny et al.
The considered technique deals with elastic and coherent scattering, the scattered intensity I(q) being measured as a function of the incoming neutron flux [PHI], the instrument specific constant A, the transmission of the sample T, and the volume of the sample V:
Besides, XRD measured sizes are never related to agglomerates, but directly to domains of coherent scattering.
46 is "the ratio of coherent scattering cross-sections of bone mineral to hydrated plaster of paris at 88 keV and 160 [degrees]" (3) and

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