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DETILLITED with the tillite removed, a coined term.
Buckminster Fuller coined term "Ephemeralization," the ability of technology to help us do more, and more with less and less.
The name "Azamara" is a coined term, rooted in Romance language references to blue ("aza"), the sea ("mar"), and a lesser-known word, "acamar," which, in Classical times, was the southernmost bright star that could be seen from the latitude of Greece.
Patent Office under the trademark laws, as well as a coined term.
The name Meritage is a coined term from the words merit and heritage, synonymous with the blending of the finest ingredients to produce a superior result.
Telematics" is a recently coined term used to describe the integration of vehicle control and monitoring systems with location tracking devices and wireless telecommunications.
These charismatic TV characters--and their real-life equals--are so compelling that we have coined terms like "evil genius" to describe many of their felonious acts.