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PTEROPTERIDOID a coined word meaning 'both winglike and fernlike' (ptero- + pteridoid).
Last year, Marco Katigbak and his business partners opened Felipe and Sons, which labels itself as a "barberdashery," another coined word that combines "barber" with "haberdashery.
DENINED when bowling, hitting only nine pins of ten on a given roll, especially when the tenth pin wavers around and wants to fall down but doesn't, a coined word.
Roborior is a coined word representing "robot" and "interior.
The word Risutoran, which combines the words "restructuring" and "restaurant" in a coined word in its appellation, is dedicated to the idea that one should not give in to the effects of restructuring.
ProSura(TM) is a coined word that describes the professional assurance delivered by the new service.
He criticizes the coined word BANANALIKE in the Webster's Second definition of STRELITZIA, concluding "if the lexicographers are free to coin words, so are we, for lexicographers are only human, and there are no special privileges reserved for them.
Webmaster'' is a recently coined word to describe a knowledge worker who puts an ``electronic face on organizations and individuals'' by designing Web sites for the Internet, said Claudia Allen of the National Association of Colleges and Employers in Bethlehem, Pa.
Nutriceutical is a coined word, crossing the words nutritional and pharmaceutical and generally coming to mean any nutritional supplement designed for any specific clinical purpose(s).
CentrePath is a coined word, derived from Data Center Networking and Data Path Management, two of CentrePath's core competencies.
FLOLF coined word for golf played with a flute instead of clubs ('Jam' magazine, Jun/Jul 1997)
Averant is a newly coined word formed from two key components, the verb "aver," and the suffix "-ant.