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ANTITRANSVERSIVE not transversive, tending to make longitudinal; a coined word given some hope of legitimacy by a Google hit for 'anti-transversive ion helicities'.
DEOBOED deprived of or without an oboe, a coined word.
Averant is a newly coined word formed from two key components, the verb "aver," and the suffix "-ant.
Mondelez" (pronounced mohn-dah-LEEZ') is a newly coined word that evokes the idea of "delicious world.
amp;uot;In addition to enabling e-commerce on televisions and legitimizing the newly coined word &uot;t-commerce,&uot; allowing the audience to participate in shows will greatly enhance the television viewing experience and improve television's bid to continue as -- by far and away -- the consumers' most favorite leisure device.
Broadcast Media Note: Realogy, which is a coined word resulting from the fusion of "real estate" and "-logy," the suffix meaning "the study of," is pronounced "REEL-uh-jee" as in "real" estate.
Enbridge is a coined word, the fusion of two central ideas about the company: "energy", which is the primary focus; and "bridge", which signifies the connection the company will continue to make with energy customers around the world.
The name Enbridge is a coined word, the fusion of two central ideas that embody the Partnership's vision: "energy," which is the Partnership's primary focus; and "bridge," which signifies the connection it makes with energy customers, as well as the transition it is creating from the present to an innovative and rewarding energy future.
The last chapter looks at language in life--slogans, common usages, newly coined words, and so on.
He coined words that have entered the international football language, such as libero.