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One of them: a large cold spot, which corresponds to an anomalously large area of high density.
The cold spot temperature was measured by a Fluke thermometer (51 [nth root of (term)] ).
Preheating, microwave heating, holding and cooling times, movement, setting up, and microwave power--the parameters for automatically processing 7-ounce beef gravy trays--were established by monitoring the temperature at the cold spot with a fiber optic sensor during the heating process.
They saw the cold spot in images taken by the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe satellite.
But anyone who has re-heated a leftover pizza knows that the crust comes out chewy with cold spots in some places and overcooked spots in others.
In many cases it can allow you to turn down your main heating in the room because you're no longer using it to try and heat up that cold spot," he explained.
However, the CMB Cold Spot only comprises around 3 percent of the available sky area, and an analysis using the full microwave sky had not been performed.
What all that strange knocking and floating orbs mean I don't know but I will say that when we last staged the ECHO Fashion Show in St George's Hall some members of staff had a spooky experience involving a perishingly cold spot, a mysterious vanishing man and a room with only one way in and out.
It's worth letting the fruits ripen and then take out the seeds, plant them in pots filled with ericaceous compost and plunge them in a cold spot in the garden or in a cold frame.
In 2007, a giant cold spot was discovered - a hole in the universe - which conflicts with established theories such as the Big Bang.
If you live in a cold spot, sow seed indoors in spring and plant out when there's no danger of frost.
Even though Central London continues to race ahead in pay terms, the South East in totality is a cold spot due to the increasing dominance of the capital, which acts as magnet by offering the highest salaries and number of jobs.