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The Cold Spot is colder than its surroundings by only a fraction of a Kelvin (0.
Cold Spot became a comfortable place for mushers to hang out and talk about their dogs, the trails, and exchange information on gear.
Then apply Polycell 3in1 mould killer and repaint, but remember the problem is the cold spot.
One of the most infamous is the so-called Cold Spot, a large region spanning 10[degrees] in Eridanus that is about four times cooler than the average CMB fluctuation.
Together, when we build a community of solution, we eliminate cold spots, which will also help cure the hot spots.
But these anomalies, which Planck confirmed, such as the cold spot, suggest that this isn't the case," he said.
In order to reduce the cold spot temperature, the bottoms of all these tubes are blown up to form a small conic-like shape.
The next few days will see more severe frost with the Brecon Beacons the real cold spot.
The cold spot was determined to be at a point 15 mm away from the front edge of the tray in the middle layer.
The Cold Spot is a ghost-hunting firm based in San Francisco and run by a reluctant psychic, a businessman and a telekinetic cowboy.
In the CMB radiation, they noticed a cold spot that was especially cold.
The small drops of moisture on the window pane crystallize into a single map leading from cold spot to cold spot * * * Across the valley the church sees the soul's ascent to heaven in plumes of white smoke rising skyward from the pulp mill * * * Under bright moonlight a blanket of ice weaves itself stitch by white stitch across the silent face of the St Lawrence * * * Hundreds of miles apart a man who wants his own country and a man who has the country he wants draw closer to their sleeping wives on such human strategies does our salvation depend * * * Orion keeping warm runs across the sky the one light from the depanneur in the village looks like home