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He wore long pants, desert boots, and used a horsehide he found to stretch over his cot to keep the cold from creeping into his bones during the cold desert nights.
As the cold desert night began to climb all over me, I slipped into my camper, slid into my down sleeping bag and drifted off into a dream world that had visions of Coues bucks dancing throughout.
This experiment illustrates how a cold desert, like Antarctica, can be considered dry.
Each day, he will trek up to 15 miles in blistering heat, before pitching a tent and trying to sleep through the bitterly cold desert night.
Yet, the Rosaceae family is well represented in the cold desert of the Great Basin and in the chaparral vegetation of southern California (Mooney and Dunn 1970).
In the morning the cold desert wind whips across the surrounding mountains which stretch in every direction, bleached yellow and streaked iron-red.
This cold desert covers approximately 14,000,000 square kilometers (about 5,400,000 square miles).
In a cold desert, there is little evaporation, so low precipitation alone determines its status as a desert.
No country has given any concrete pledge to take any of the refugees for resettlement in 2009, leaving them to battle the cold desert weather this winter with more despair than ever.
Right to the magnificently eerie closer Cold Desert, the Kings maintain a superlative blend - deep-fried southern longing, nervy agitated rhythms and a mood that's part wounded, part dislocated but always defiant.
Being a cold desert, Ladakh usually receives about four inches of rain in a year, but this year about two feet of snow accumulated," said an official.
They had shivered in the cold desert, and fried in the blistering heat.