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Little does he know that the mob boss has his own mole - detective Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon), who was put through college by Frank to become his man on the inside.
Other students who received honorable mention for their entries include Stephen Connors, Dave Tellez, Emily Vander Weele, Sarah Tincher, and Colin Sullivan.
What he doesn't know is that the mob boss has his own mole - high-flying detective Colin Sullivan, who was put through college by Frank just so he could become his man on the inside.
Matt Damon plays Colin Sullivan, spotted as a kid by gangster Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson), who grooms him to become a successful cop, Frank's eyes and ears inside.
But Costello has his own man at police headquarters-corrupt cop Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon).
Kay Gunsolly, a nurse at Peace Harbor Hospital in Florence, and Colin Sullivan, a nurse at Springfield's Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend, have teamed up to open Any Lab Test Now at 17th Avenue and Pearl Street.
Colin Sullivan is far and away my first choice for the award, and should be theirs.
Bob Moss, Colin Sullivan, Kev Reaney, Tom Letts and John Cross gained all five points at bagatelle and John Astbury, David Price, Paul Lee and T.
Billy Costigan (DiCaprio) has been assigned to go undercover in the inner circle of feared crime boss Jack Nicholson, while Colin Sullivan (Damon) is on the payroll of the same mobster as his mole in the police department.
The movie is basically the tale of two young cops, one Costigan, a misfit who failed to graduate from the police academy; the other a cocky, near-perfect plainclothesman, Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon).
But as Costigan is busy trying to bring down Costello from the inside, one of his peers - Colin Sullivan (Damon) - becomes a plant in the police department's Special Investigations Unit who leaks information to Costello.
Matt Damon plays Colin Sullivan, a young man who goes undercover in Boston as a state police officer for mobster Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson).