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BAE is also a founding member of Exostar, a consortium-based e-marketplace for the aerospace industry, and will soon use Exostar's ForumPass service for collaborative design processes with smaller partners and suppliers.
OneSpace Designer also manages all relevant design data and provide instant ignition capabilities to enable real-time collaborative design through the extended enterprise.
Motiva is a leading provider of collaborative design change management solutions for e-business.
We are looking forward to taking advantage of the power and speed of Dialogue to meet our conversion needs, as well as its collaborative design environment to meet our customer-focused goals at the business level.
The result of a collaborative design effort between Analog Devices and Intel Corporation, the SST bus relays key environmental information, such as temperature and voltage, to the core logic or dedicated ASIC fan-speed controllers, improving reliability and performance in PCs, servers and workstations.
EDT required a system that could offer external communications with customers, improve the quality control of product development and provide collaborative design without the associated risks.

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