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In knowledge demand model of collaborative design process, it includes updating knowledge module set; updating knowledge module set mainly includes the adding of knowledge module and deleting of knowledge module.
Such kind of method can retain design security, but it has ignored the need for collaborative design.
Researchers wanted to study the types of human behaviors that inhibit true collaboration and suggest ways to improve collaborative design.
Two additional options are available for the plastics design-to-manufacture process: the personal collaboration service, which supports a virtual meeting of two people and is well suited to collaborative design between tool designers and their suppliers; and the project collaboration service, which supports design among a project team of as many as five participants.
BAE's collaborative design activities typically take place in a shared working environment and each involve around four or five companies, says Scalway.
We are delighted to help this important customer meet its faster-to-market objectives and look forward to extending the benefits of collaborative design change management across FG Wilson's extended enterprise.
ChipData offers a unique solution to deliver faster access for collaborative design applications.
The Hanover plans to take full advantage of Dialogue's role-based, collaborative design environment, which allows business users to create targeted messages regarding important policy benefits and features that are inserted into documents at run time.
Amulet's innovative hardware, software and collaborative design philosophy empower OEM's to provide the best graphical user experience to their customers.

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