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The findings confirm previous work showing that the number of articles by collaborators decreased substantially--by about 40 percent --after the death of a star scientist.
The testimonies of the women arrested by the Palestinian security forces in Gaza showed that Israel has recently had an urgent need to recruit as many collaborators as possible to gather information about the fighters, including their locations, their plans and their performance.
Victims who resort to placation, the fourth attribute of collaborators, will invariably fear those individuals who resist the perpetrator's violence, will usually perceive resistance to violence as "morally wrong" and perhaps even perceive any resistance to violence (including explicitly nonviolent resistance) as "violent," because their own fear of resisting perpetrators is now so deeply embedded in their unconscious that any form of resistance is considered futile and likely to provoke further perpetrator violence.
Hamas on March 12 set a one-month ultimatum for alleged collaborators with Israel to surrender in return for leniency.
It is unacceptable under any justification to be lenient toward collaborators," he said.
If privacy is a concern, none of the collaborators should reveal their private data to any party including the TTP (e.
iVia will be described in depth from the standpoints of its overall system, content and uses supported, end-user features, content development and management features for institutional collaborators, features for individual expert content builders, and incentives for collaborative collection building.
Famaey and his collaborators suggest that stars surrounded by planets were forced onto their current paths because they got a kick from one or more of our galaxy's spiral arms, regions of dense gas and stars that sweep across space.
Little is known about how collaborators collectively accomplish the process of analysis and interpretation.
Hans Blaschek and collaborators (UIUC, Urbana) reported the high tolerance of this bacterium to acidic pH, and the presence and formation of biofilms in cilantro and parsley samples treated with produce wash and water.
For over a decade the PA has violated Palestinian human rights and civil liberties by routinely killing civilians--including collaborators, demonstrators, journalists, and others--without charge or fair trial.
Likewise, Thek's tendency to work with collaborators may have diminished his authorial presence in the eyes of critics and curators.