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The starting point in this example is a traditional physical collapsed backbone.
In a popular variation on the frame-based logical collapsed backbone,workgroup-level switches can be interconnected in a mesh, eliminating the requirement for a backbone switch.
The East Tamaki and Carbine Road site networks were designed as collapsed backbones, with each area star-wired into a LinkBuilder ECS/10 connected by fiber over Ethernet to a central ECS/10 at each site.
A FORE PowerHub(R) 7000 LAN switch provides a collapsed backbone that links servers to the network over 100BaseT (100 Mbps) switched Ethernet.
Most buildings are wired in collapsed backbone configurations, with Bay Networks hubs on each floor aggregated into System 5000 enterprise chassis and then connected onto the network using Bay Networks routers.
With a powerful, non-blocking 64-Gbps switching fabric, the Keystone24mg is a flexible Layer 2/Layer 3 switch that, alone or with the Capstone slaves, is an ideal wiring closet or collapsed backbone solution for small and midsize businesses.
The 14 port model is ideally suited to act as the collapsed backbone switch connecting the 12 port model in remote closets.
CatStak can be used either in a collapsed backbone configuration, offering a very large number of ports for centralized routing, or in a distributed campus configuration, accelerating multiple routers.