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He said Nawaz Sharif could not collect taxes from the rich, cos he himself is a top tax evader.
In other states, the law would require any online retailer with a so-called in-state "affiliate," such as marketers who link to the retailer's site, to collect taxes on purchases.
Whatever the merit of such reasoning, reaching across state lines to collect taxes is impossible to enforce fairly.
In most states, businesses are required to collect taxes only on sales in states where they have a physical presence.
Garnish wages to collect taxes owed before Hurricane Katrina.
That means the local governments would be given the power to collect taxes worth 2.
government's IRS can claim world jurisdiction to collect taxes, should U.
Late last week, the Kansas Legislature passed a one-year moratorium that prohibits cities from enacting laws to regulate and collect taxes on new technology being installed in public rights-of-way.
But the e-commerce explosion has some states pushing for a federal law that would force Internet businesses in other states to collect taxes on their behalf.
The chronic inability to collect taxes means no balanced budget, IMF restrictions, sub-par public schools and hospitals, highways riddled with potholes and governments strapped for cash to combat poverty.
In a legal memorandum, an IRS senior technical reviewer concluded the service could levy and collect taxes on retirement benefits when a taxpayer is eligible for early retirement.
Purchaser should not remit tax to the supplier for jurisdictions where the supplier is not authorized to collect taxes.