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Garnish wages to collect taxes owed before Hurricane Katrina.
That means the local governments would be given the power to collect taxes worth 2.
City officials want the authority to continue to collect taxes as telecommunication technology changes.
Punjab government has issued the notices to the vehicle owners for depositing tax , which are plying in Punjab but registered in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, whereas KP Excise department wants to collect taxes of those vehicles which are registered in the province but running in other provinces.
He claimed that Pakistan has unequal distribution of taxes due to lack in policy or inability of system to collect taxes which have been levied.
In-state wine wholesalers, in-state wineries and their political patrons - the primary beneficiaries of direct delivery restrictions - claimed that they really existed to restrict underage drinking and to allow states to collect taxes.
The debate is between those like Senator John McCain and other prominent Republicans who want to exempt electronic commerce in whole or in part from sales taxes, and others like the nation's governors who say that an exemption for Internet sales would perniciously undermine their ability to collect taxes.
Purchaser should not remit tax to the supplier for jurisdictions where the supplier is not authorized to collect taxes.
As the owner of a retail business, you would be required to collect taxes on items sold.
New regulations allow the IRS to collect taxes, at the highest rate, from an individual in illegal possession of $10,000 in cash or its equivalent (such as unreported gambling winnings, stolen income or income from other illegal activities) who does not admit to being the owner of the cash or does not allege that it belongs to another person whose identity is readily ascertainable and who acknowledges ownership.
This function has a direct impact not only on future infrastructure development, but also on the ability to assess property values and collect taxes.
Provinces can levy and collect taxes on services but that can only be possible after the RGST Bill is passed by the provincial assemblies to make these changes come into affect, he added.