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the parent of our majority shareholder, to consolidate all of its collectibles acquisitions of stamps and coins through GMAI will enable Afinsa to source a steady supply of material through a single collectibles company, rather than through a fragmented supply chain, with multiple agents and venues as in the past.
NYSE:ENC) a leader in the gift, collectible and home decor industries, recently was awarded top honors from the National Association of Limited Edition Dealers (NALED), the gift and collectible industry's largest trade association.
Under an exclusive agreement between Collectible Concepts Group, and Maxim Logistics, of Reading, Pa.
Our line of silk posters featuring pop-culture and comic book characters, is displayed in stand-alone point of purchase displays and the accompanying line of collectible character pins is sold from counter top racks, both of which are particularly well suited for this type of retail environment" said Lipschutz.
Genio's CEO, Shai Bar-Lavi, stated, "Mighty Beanz are currently one of the 'hottest' and most popular children's collectibles in North America.
He was my first choice to carry Hake's Americana & Collectibles into the 21st century.
the leader in the design, promotion, marketing and distribution of licensed motorsports merchandise, today announced plans to release a limited edition series of specialty Daytona Prototype collectible racing replicas.
As with the domestic license, today's agreement with Moose provides Genio with access to hundreds of Mighty Beanz characters for use in its collectible trading card game series.
Juan Antonio Cano, Chairman and President of Afinsa, stated, "GMAI and CdC have provided Afinsa with a secure and steady supply of collectibles, greatly increasing our efficiency and our ability to grow Afinsa's business in an orderly manner.
The collection also allows for fun game play using the Collector's mat, trading cards and Mighty Beanz Collectibles.
For more information on Disney Treasures Collectible Cards and Upper Deck Entertainment products, members of the media can log onto www.
History Collectible Card Set -- Plus New and Original Upper Deck Sports Collectibles

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